In the artcourse I am doing at the moment I worked with different kind of things, most of the time ordinary rubish. Irecently strted making moving objects and also short films and animations. For my last presentation of work I made some objects and films wherein paper slices were moved mechanical of mmanual. I liked doing it very muuch.For my next presentation I am doing things with bicicle chains and with lead-ribbon (for curtains). No idea if any of my plans will succeed.

About the work I made before this course You will find some information below.


For many years I thought of and made objects with paper. The vulnerability and the delicate character of paper objects I like very much. In the “cube project” I make objects by first thinking of some construction plate on paper and then print it, cut it out and make it. Sometimes they are independent objects, sometimes work consists of a sequence of objects.

In my recent paper work I also do some research on sliceforms, constructed by alternating layers of paper and “skeleton parts” in between.

Both my “Bol in twee delen” are examples of this.A special problem in working with layers of paper is the influence of humidity and temperature. It is especially exciting to anticipate on warping.


I like working in middle hard kinds of stone. It allows me to do all stages of the work by hand. The refractoriness of stone and the slowness in forming the shape, are fascinating. Most intriguing are the objects in which I decided beforehand exactly how the result has to be. “Hermiet” and “Kuddedieren” are examples. That last one only succeeded with my third attempt.

Other materials

When needed I use other shings, wood wire … And shopping into the possibilities of the two dimensional world also is interesting, as you can see in “begrijp je?”.